The opticians’ role in an office is spent evaluating the doctor’s prescription and learning what visual requirements the patients work and hobbies require to provide a customized medical device that is fashionable and trendy. It is also their duty to make recommendations to you that will help you enjoy your favorite activities, perhaps a little more.
One of the questions our staff gets asked semi frequently about, is tints. Can you tint this or do you tint at all?  YES! Yes we can.
There are different tints available however, I’ll just talk about a few of them.
Green – a green tint does a great job of transmitting all colors evenly. Works great with all outdoor activities and all weather conditions
Brown & Amber – these colors do a great job improving contrast. A favorite for shooters it works great where distance needs to be judged. Works best in partly cloudy to sunny.
Yellow – yellow tints minimize the blue light rays that can make focusing difficult.  These lenses also make a great choice for target shooting, hunting or even hitting slopes.
Pink & Red – these tints are great at reducing eye strain. They provide great road visibility and help with depth perception. Works in most weather conditions, even snow!
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Chances are there is a tint we can add to make it crisper, clearer and better on your eyes.

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