For many people, trying to afford their monthly prescriptions can be difficult. When living on a fixed income, choices sometimes have
to be made: do I buy groceries this month or do I get medicine? Some are fortunate enough to receive assistance from the State,
however there are still plenty for whom this is a monthly struggle.
There is help!
Many companies that manufacture medicines have some type of assistance available. Allergan offers assistance for the following eye medications:
  • Acuvail
  • Alphagan
  • Combigan
  • Lumigan
  • Pred Forte
  • Restasis
For those taking Travatan Z you can look to the Openings Patient Support Group. Even Merch and Company offers help to fill Cosopt. Each program assistance plan has their own rules and application procedures to foloow. Your doctor will be able to help you complete the application process.
You don't have to be frustrated or without. Help is out there.
Links to assistance programs:

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