Ah, wintertime in Ohio. This year Mother Nature has unleashed her fury with cold, artic temperatures and snowstorm upon snowstorm. Looking out upon the local landscape, the fields which are usually so robust with wheat or grain are now encapsulated in a sea of white fluffy snow. Though the days are often grey and overcast there is an occasional ray of sunshine that manages to penetrate the grey clouds and warm the earth. Though those days of sun are often fleeting and far between they are always welcomed.

 Have you ever driven in the fresh fallen snow and dealt with the glare of the suns' rays as they reflect off the snow? Do you fumble with the visor, trying to desperately flip it down or do you shield your eyes with the palm of your hand trying to avert the glare? Have you ever partaken in a winter activity and not worn sunglasses or used a pair of dime store sunglasses? Did you find that you spent most of your time squinting or not seeing very clear? If you have, you are not alone.

 In winter, much like the rest of the year, it's important to protect your eyes from the damaging effect of the sun. Sunglasses is a great place to start, yet there may be other alternatives for you to consider.
 A pair of polarized lenses in your sunglasses may be a great option for you. These specialized lenses help reduce glare off of the surface of objects; like the hood of your car, or water, even roads filled with snow. These specialized lenses are available in both prescription and non prescription making it a great option for anyone. 
Transitions (R): you've seen the commercial and heard the name however what exactly are they? This is another form of specialized lens that is designed to darken in the presence of UV rays providing 100% blocking of harmful UVA and UB rays. Thought they won't get dark behind the wheel of a car, these lenses are a great option for individuals who are indoors and outdoors frequently.

These lenses allow the wearer the benefit of darkened lenses while outside without having to have a second pair of sunglasses.

These are just a couple of options that we can review with you. There are other tints available to optimize your vision while target shooting, snow skiing, cycling or just about ay other activity you can image.

Make it a point to stop by office at 2311 W Hayes in Fremont or our satellite office in Fostoria at 622 Parkway Dr. We will be glad to show you all the options available to help you navigate your way on those sunny, Ohio winter days.

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