As a comprehensive ophthalmologist, a majority of my daily practice focuses on counseling and evaluating patients with cataracts. A cataract is an opacity of the natural crystalline lens of the human eye, most commonly caused by aging, but also found in various congenital, metabolic, and traumatic circumstances. People who seek medical and surgical eye care may learn that slow, progressive loss of vision is related to the development of cataracts. One of the most common questions I receive from patients in initial discussions of cataract surgery is “do cataracts come back?”

The short answer to the question is ‘no.’ The crystalline lens inside of your eye is something you were born with, and once it is surgically removed with cataract surgery, it does not regenerate. However, it is not uncommon to develop a ‘secondary cataract.’ While it is a bit of a misnomer, a secondary cataract is a clouding of the clear structure that secures the artificial lens implant that is placed in your eye at the time of cataract surgery. A secondary cataract is not harmful; however, it may degrade the quality of vision you enjoyed immediately after cataract surgery.

The usual procedure for clearing up a secondary cataract involves a laser treatment to create a small opening in the ‘cloudy’ capsule. It is a painless procedure that takes minutes and patients enjoy an improved quality of vision in a short amount of time.

Only a qualified eye care professional can correctly diagnose what is best for your visual health. I welcome you to visit us at the Eye Centers of Northwest Ohio to see how we may be able to improve the quality of your vision and your everyday life!

 This article was written by Dr. Susan E Smith a board certified ophthalmologist on staff at the Eye Centers of Northwest Ohio; offices in Fremont and Fostoria, Ohio.

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