As a standard part of our practice we see a lot of children, ranging in age from 6 months up. One of the conditions seen with some frequency is Amblyopia, otherwise known as lazy eye. This condition, if left untreated will result in vision loss to the child.


What exactly is Amblyopia? Basically the nerve pathways between the brain and eye aren't working together. Ths brain begins to favor one eye ignoring signals from the lazy eye. Signs of a lazy eye would be an eye that wanders in or out or the eyes don't work together.


When your child sees an optometrist your eye care professional will look for any signs of a lazy eye, even on children as young a 6 months of age. Through a series of testing and evaluating your doctor will be able to tell if your child as a lazy eye.


If your child has been diagnosed with a lazy eye there are different ways to treat. The first way is through using an eye drop, Atropine. By placing the drop in the sronger eye it temporarily blurs the vision thereby making the weaker eye work a little harder.


Patching is also an option. The doctor will have you apply a patch over the stronger eye for a period of time each day. This stimulates the vision in the weaker eye. Prescribing glasses is another option that can be used.


The key to treating lazy eye is the earlier the better. Why not take a moment today and contact your eye care team and schedule an appointment to have your child's eyes examined.



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