Somewhere around age 40 many of us start to notice a change in our vision where things up close aren't quite as clear as they once wear. We find ourselves holding things a little further away, maybe squinting a little to see those store shelf tags or reading that menu at dinner. The lens in our eye starts to lose its flexibility and begins to become a little more rigid. That ability to focus becomes a little harder.
You make your annual appointment with your eye care provider and your told you have presbyopia and given a prescription for reading glasses. You visit the optician and as you are looking at the glasses you ask yourself why would I spend that much on a prescription pair of reading glasses? You convince yourself that buying a pair of "cheaters" at the drug store will work just fine. Would you buy toothpaste from your eye doctor? No.Then why would you buy glasses from the drug store? Not all reading glasses are the same.
Store bought glasses are nothing more than magnifiers placed inside a frame. Your prescription reading glasses are lenses specifically ground to your exact prescription. The optical center of a pair of prescription glasses is figured precisely from the measurements obtained by the optician. This will maximize the clearest vision possible for you. Wearing a store bought pair, you do not get that type of precision and clarity.
Also it's not common for an individual to have the exact prescription in both eyes. What if you are a +1.50 in the right eye and a +1.75 in the left? Which "cheater" do you get? Purchasing a prescription pair of glasses solves that problem, The lenses will be exact to your prescription..
The quality of the lens that comes in your prescription glasses is going to be much higher, Over the counter glasses may have bubbles or imperfections in the lens, this can make those near tasks harder to do, Each pair of prescription glasses have undergone multiple quality control inspection as well when they are received in from the lab. Our team verifies the prescription and measurements as well as frame selection and options, Plus, glasses purchased at your doctors' office will be expertly fitted to you; giving you a more customized fit. You won't get that from your drug store.
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