Congratulations, you are expecting, Your body will experience and go through many changes over the next 9 months including visual changes.
During pregnancy, the front surface of the eye, the cornea, can swell and change its curvature. This change can result in blurred vision. Hormone levels change which can alter your prescription. Fluid retention can cause eyelids to be puffy which can obscure your peripheral visual field. You may even find your eyes are more dry; or irritated to contact lens wear. These changers are most often temporary and will return to normal a few weeks after delivery. 
Though usually vision change in pregnancy is normal, don't disregard the. Blurred vision can be a warning sign to an underlying problem. Women who have diabetes or develop gestational diabetes need to monitor their vision closely. 
Some women may experience blurred vision or spots in front of their eyes. This can be a sign of Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension. This needs to be checked and monitored for both mom and baby's safety. Women who have glaucoma and take glaucoma medications need to let their eye care professional know right away. Many glaucoma medications are safe to use, however there are a few than can be harmful to the baby. Your eye care professional can work with you to find ways to control your glaucoma and protect the baby.
Don't put off seeing your eye care professional during your pregnancy and make sure to discuss any visual changes right away. 
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