Eye safety. This is something that you think about mainly in terms of an industrial environment. Workers putting on their safety glasses or shield before engaging a piece of equipment. However, what about eye safety at home? 
There are about 125,000 eye injuries that occur in the home each year, Nearly 90% of these injuries could be prevented, According to the American Society of Ocular Trauma it is recommended every home have at least one pair of ANSI (American National Standards Institute) approved safety glasses to use for household tasks.
Safety glasses should always be worn when using power tools, lawn mowers and yard trimmers. You should wear safety glasses anytime you are using any type of household chemical as well. Things like cleaning solutions, bleach or even oven cleaner, These solutions can splash up into your eyes and cause a possible chemical burn.
When selecting your safety glasses you want to make sure you have a good fit. With the glasses on your face there shouldn't be much of a gap between the top of the glasses and your forehead. You want to make sure it fits close enough to protect from overhead debris. The sides should come around the side of the eye to shield it from possible contaminants. The gap should be no more than an 1/8th of an inch. You want to allow for some ventilation to help minimize any fogging of the lenses. Eye safety is something that everyone needs to think of both on the job and off
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